We are specialists in legal operations, legal procurement and legal spend management.

We are your legal procurement team – no matter what size your spend, we can manage this process for you. We give you real expertise and a personalised service so that you can effectively manage your legal spend and deliver real benefits.


We offer managed legal spend management services and consulting on all legal spend management issues including panel tenders, ongoing contract and performance management, alternative fee arrangement programmes and eBilling / Matter Management implementations.

We have created a legal procurement centre of excellence in the North East of England, where we are uniquely placed to deliver quality of service at a regional cost.


Our team has managed in excess of £4B in legal spend globally. We deliver quantifiable and sustainable savings.

We understand the need for immediate results as well as long term sustainable savings.


We have offices in Essex and Newcastle, and service clients on a global basis from these centres.  We are committed to training and development of procurement and legal operations professionals.

  • How we helped a global

    investment & retail bank




    We worked with a global investment and retail bank to save £110 million over three years.


    Despite an annual legal spend of £500 million and over 1,000 law firms on their supplier list, historically there was an extremely poor relationship between the Legal and Procurement teams.


    Our team of legal procurement experts devised a change programme that continues to deliver long-term savings.



    1. Alternative Legal Providers: A Panel was set up, achieving £25 million+ per annum in savings, an average saving of 73%

    2. Consolidation of law firms: From 1000+ firms to 18, representing 92% of global spend.

    3. Implemented In-matter panel bidding and auctions: Around £12 million a year was saved from c.100 auctions run over a three-year period. The Service Level Agreement was to deliver auctions within 24 hours of notification of requirement and these saved around 43% on legal spend.

    4. Implemented Alternative Fee Arrangements: The biggest one was for all property work, down from £7 million amongst 12 suppliers to £1.1 million for one supplier.  The saving was achieved through the RFP and Auction process and moving work from London to the North of England.

    5. Performance Management: A 360 feedback process delivered £4 million in savings in the first three months of programme ‘Go Live’.

    6. Legal Invoice Review: This achieved £1.1 million in savings in year one. The continued invoice review ensured firms kept to the invoice guidelines that were set. In addition, the data from legal invoice review was powerful enough to drive a lot of the other savings initiatives.

    7. Best-In-Class Value Added Services Programme: Including 100+ secondments, free advice, free customised training for the client, free meeting spaces and other free services such as debt collection letters.

    8. Policies: Requirement to bid out all work over £10K/£20K/£50K/£100K depending on business area, requirement to engage legal team before engaging external counsel (not historically the case) and a requirement to work with Alternative Legal Providers (Law firms and Internal Legal and business teams).



Client examples


95% spend under management within 6 months of project inception.


$3.8m of savings delivered within 6 months.


We have delivered in excess of £110m in savings through a transformational procurement project.


Our executive team

  • Stacey Coote

    Stacey Coote, Partner


    Stacey has more than two decades of legal spend management experience, specialising in this area since 2001.


    Formerly Director of Legal Operations Centre EMEA at AIG, Stacey has worked for global organisations including RBS, AIG and Accenture in the past, where he managed the operations and legal spend management of legal services including the complex implementations of legal technologies such as e-billing and matter management.


    Stacey has delivered savings of hundreds of millions of pounds for companies worldwide through numerous legal spend management projects. This includes work for one global client which delivered a saving of over $180 million from setting up various panels, $20 million savings in 15 countries from a spot auction programme and over $20 million savings from introducing the extensive usage of Legal Process Outsourcing and eDiscovery providers.



  • Caroline O'Grady

    Caroline O’Grady, Partner


    Caroline is a qualified UK Solicitor and PRINCE II project management practitioner with an extensive background in law firm relationship and legal spend management.


    She has spent the last five years building specialist consultancies that offer legal spend management services to global organisations.


    Before this, Caroline was Law Firm Panel Director (EMEA and APAC) at AIG, responsible for implementing eBilling & matter management, setting up a legal invoice review team, running a panel tender process, spend analysis and performance management of panel law firms. Her previous clients included large banks, insurers, health care providers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Meet the team

  • Terry Shoulder

    Terry Shoulder

    Senior Procurement Manager


    Terry is a highly experienced Senior Legal Services Procurement Manager. In his career he has managed major legal panel project exercises for various global organisations including AIG, Diageo, Credit Suisse & Barclays.


    Terry decided to retire in 2016 – only to be enticed back to the workplace in April 2017 as Coote O’Grady’s first employee! He now works with the company’s Partners on law firm panel tenders, as well as on-going contract and performance management work for our clients.


    Terry says: “My flexible working arrangement means work has not got in the way of my fledgling golf career, regular gym visits or family considerations. The Partners’ approach to flexibility has been clearly demonstrated from the outset and has fostered a positive two-way professional relationship.”

  • Lynsey Wood

    Lynsey Wood

    Senior Legal Spend Consultant


    Lynsey holds a Law degree from Northumbria University and has worked for Coote O’Grady since 2017 following a career as a Fee Earner with a Newcastle-based solicitor.


    Lynsey joined as a Legal Spend Consultant and was soon promoted to Senior Consultant following company growth. Her role involves overseeing our invoice review process and line-managing our team of legal spend consultants on a day to day basis.


    Our flexible working policy was what attracted Lynsey to join us. When she decided to look for a new challenge after her third child started school, she needed something that was flexible around family life.


    Lynsey said: “I listed my fantasy terms – a part time role, a job that challenged and excited me, a job working from home to save valuable time avoiding the commute and a role that would evolve as the needs of my young family changed. My role has proved to satisfy all my fantasy terms and beyond. I feel I truly have a perfect work/life balance and cannot ask for anything more.”

Coote O’Grady is a limited company registered in England and Wales.

Registered number: 10169973. Registered office: 14 Station Road, East Boldon, NE36 0LD

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