We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.



Charitable giving and volunteering.


We give 1% of all profits to charitable organisations and good causes.


Our team also gives back through employee volunteering. All of our employees can give at least two days of paid, work time a year volunteering in the local community and our annual teambuilding event centres around giving something back.


One of our Partners is a regular volunteer through XL-Mentoring, a community mentoring project which pairs trained volunteer mentors with young people who need help realising their potential. Visit xlm.org.uk for more details.



We're a flexible employer.


Our team is made up of extremely qualified and experienced individuals, all of whom work on a flexible basis.


Flexible working is something we support here at Coote O’Grady. We measure productivity and output, not hours in the office, and it’s already paying dividends for our business, with improved morale, reduced sick days, more experienced employees and lower costs passed on to our clients.


We strongly believe that our employees shouldn’t waste ten hours each week travelling from one place to another to deliver their job when the technology exists to support a modern, flexible workforce. Nor should they have to quit the working world altogether just to ensure their children get to and from school.


Our flexible working policy has a number of advantages for our clients too - we can be more competitive with our pricing, we can hire exceptional people that provide a fantastic service and we can impact more people’s lives - as we are providing flexibility to many more families than we could with full time workers.

Stacey Coote, Partner


A job is what you do, not where you do it, and our business thrives on our adoption of this philosophy – we have a team of permanent staff who are loyal and committed to us - we value their lives outside of the office and in return, we attract extremely qualified and experienced individuals, who are exceptionally efficient and productive.

 Caroline O’Grady, Partner






Focus on Talent in the North East.


We believe talent in the North East of England is under-utilised - demonstrated by the highest rates of unemployment in the UK for the region.


Coote O’Grady has committed to developing talent in the North East of England. Our target is to hire a minimum of 50% of our staff from the region.


Caroline O’Grady grew up in the North East and is based there now and commented on our hiring commitment:


’The North East has been an area of high unemployment for my entire lifetime.  As a consequence when I moved back to the North East I agreed with the management team that we would commit to hiring a minimum of 50% of our talent from the North East.’


Coote O’Grady is a limited company registered in England and Wales.

Registered number: 10169973. Registered office: 14 Station Road, East Boldon, NE36 0LD

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